The answer is, as always, a simple matter of common sense-as long as the movie watching is only occasional, what harm can it do? One likes to a lot, and the other prefers a quiet night in.Again, it’s just a matter of balancing needs, but when these two differing approaches to how to spend private time are at loggerheads, strife is often the eventual outcome.Money made from this site is donated to Team D and helps more than 9 million Canadians living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Named to the #YYC100 - a list of the most influential social media voices in Calgary.

Surely there’s some kind of simple system that can salvage an interrelationship dispute on the matter of which TV program and when?

Failure to set boundaries on this most simple of issues is a sure sign of a situation that needs a serious looking at. This is an issue that isn’t talked about half as much as some of those mentioned above and below, but is nonetheless quite common.

It’s amazing how many people take serious issue with what their partner keeps in there.

There may be an actual serious point to this if one member of the couple, for example, is a vegetarian, and the other keeps bringing their food into contact with meat.

However, fighting over silly bits and bobs, like taking the bin out or replacing the toilet roll, really isn’t worth a night of the obstinate silence that follows.

The easiest way of dealing with this immature object of a fallout is to draw up a list.

But on the whole, showing disgust and/or displeasure at having someone else’s tastes on display is both childish and small-minded.

Definitely a prime contender for the “Go take a long, hard look at yourself” award! Why is it that the humble toothpaste tube cap has achieved such global notoriety in the field of interpersonal relations?

Mountains out of molehills If two people have come together under happy circumstances, chances are that all the important parts of the relationship are exactly how they should be.

After all, most people wouldn’t think for a second of getting together with someone whose principles were patently opposed to their own.

And what are these petty issues that cause so much dissent in the ranks?