The profiles labeled women as Brazen Cheats, Married Maybes, Recently Taken or Seriously Single.

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And quite frankly, what woman out there on the online dating scene doesn't already know this?

Most of us have gotten the "sexy pics" late-night personal message, right?

The difference in the two types of cheaters was that the Brazen Cheats said that they weren't looking for their partners to find out about their escapades; they also made their sexual compulsions obvious.

This, to me, translates to casual, sexy and dangerous fun.

There have been a lot of conclusions drawn from this cheater study, and I think it's important to offer my opinion on its results.

I want to calm women's fears that men find cheaters more attractive than single women.

There’s a bit of a misconception amongst women that men are attracted to them primarily by how they look.

Granted, men certainly are visually orientated but there’s actually something deeper going on that turns a man’s attention towards a woman.

You can practice this with a family member, coworker or any man who crosses your path.