S…His films include GI Joe, the rise of Cobra (2009), Fighting (2009), Public Enemies (2009).

Also Step Up, She's the Man, Coach Carter, Stop Loss, Supercross, War of the Worlds and Battle in Seattle, dear john, the vow, and 21 jump street!

Today, we think -- or don't -- of movie stardom in vastly different terms. Instead, Tatum has helped redefine what it means to be a movie star in the modern age by swinging between action films, movies where he plays a rollerblading space werewolf, cameo-plus appearances in Tarantino and Coen films, and dressing like Beyonce to lip-sync battle his wife. He's the silver lining of the disappearance of movie stardom: without narrowly defined personalities, actors are now free to take chances on the edgy and totally bizarre.

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Channing Tatum is an American actor and film producer.

He began his career as s model and now appears in film roles.

No one believes in the Cary Grant or Tom Cruise mold anymore.

Denzel Washington is one of the last marquee names.

By obscuring his face, putting a character ahead of his own stardom, the actor finally found success. The only reason Elba isn’t a household name, a guy who gets films made with a snap of his finger, is because audiences aren't nostalgic for him. He’s earned an elite status that accommodates award-worthy roles () and pushes him into contention for huge blockbusters (see: every James Bond rumor from the past five years).

While "Netflix stardom" can look minor, he'll one day be seen as a pioneer legitimizing an emergent studio model.Luckily, Reynolds has simultaneously emerged from the slump, and upended that new status quo, with the surprise superhero success, .Reynolds exploited a pre-existing character (who he happens to be perfect for), and put his own spin on it.“I run eight business, I’m the CEO of my own company, and still I’m called a stripper. We’ve had the same life, [Channing] and I, and I’m dumbed down for it.is now, whenever you dance, we think you're going to take your clothes off," De Generes joked.Studio bosses cultivated their auras to ensure their names could draw crowds to the theater.