He helped them, took the brunt of the pain, then was forgotten by what seemed like everyone. ”“Well it’s about Derek.”“What about him, is he okay?”“Yeah he’s fine; actually he’s better then fine.”“Then what’s the problem?

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"I just know that I personally couldn't have done it while I was playing," he told Steiner Sports Marketing of starting a family.

"I was too selfish to be able to juggle a family and kids.

Stiles knows Derek is prone to cheating because that is how they got together in the first place. /////// The story where Stiles and Derek are together, but they are not happy. At first it’s because he wants to get back at Derek who a) loathes Theo and b) cheated on Stiles.

Then, gradually, when he realizes that Theo is the only person he can bear having around him, Stiles’ revenge starts turning into something bittersweet.

Stiles had caught Derek cheating (again) and this story is him struggling with it.

Struggling to accept it, struggling to tell Derek that he knows.

Three months went by before either of them realized Stiles was pregnant.

When it was found out, Derek denied the child completely.

The easygoing dynamic between the pair isn't the only reason why 41-year-old Jeter has finally decided to settle down, though.

"Derek is totally in love with her," Us Weekly's insider explains. All of Derek’s friends are jealous that his fiancée is so beautiful." PHOTOS: Celeb couples' age differences actress Kelly.

While Davis and her 40-year-old beau have been dating for nearly three years, there's still no word no sign of an engagement (can we get a close up of your ring finger, Hannah? The hush-hush couple prefers to keep tight lipped about their romance, and Davis has expertly dodged questions about her love interest for some time now.