It was about getting away from the chatter of Los Angeles and reconnecting with myself and nature.I had a bit of writer’s block after the last record, I wasn’t having fun anymore and I really needed to get back the core of why I started making music 17 years ago.” she says. Leaving home at 16, she began performing in cafés in New York City, and now, a decade and a half later, the singer-guitarist has released her most accomplished work to date.

In short, it’s the sound of an artist who’s found her salvation.

A highlight of her self-titled third solo album is the poignant “Pelican Rapids,” a song she wrote about the 2008 Prop 8 ballot initiative, and a heartening letter to adolescents facing the struggles she once did.

When I was little my older sisters used to make me lay on the floorboard of the car if I was going to sing, because my voice was so loud they said it felt like it was ‘inside of their heads.’ I’ll never stop making music.

It’s the best therapy I’ve found.”Listening to her new record, one certainly hopes she never stops.

Tracklist:01 Forest Green Oh Forest Green02 Joints03 Waves04 No One Just Is05 Slow Burn Treason06 Sweet Dreams07 Everytime I Go to Sleep08 High Tide09 Canvas10 Sleep on Fire Notes: TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek produced this debut album from the Feist-like Brooklyn singer-songwriter (formerly of the Jealous Girlfriends) who was repped on Kanye's blog earlier this year.

Features contributions from members of TVOTR and Antibalas.

At the age of 16, she moved to New York City, dropping out of high school and finishing her degree through correspondence.

She earned a deal with major label BMG at the age of 17, but the music she recorded for them was never released.

On a trip intended to jumpstart the creative process for new material, Holly Miranda reflects, “I had a dream that I was going to rent a house in Joshua Tree and go write by myself for a month.