Except the ones I can't fucking stand, such as any spot with singing children.

I watch them repeatedly, with fascination and affection.

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If a commercial for the Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces puppet exists and you have it, call 911 and tell them you must speak to me immediately.

[As mentioned above, here's the latest addition to my mania: a painstakingly-researched-and-cataloged list of celebrities appearing in my collection, as best as I can ascertain.

Although they did throw in another odd detail: when the tag line is onto the screen at the end, the sentences appear upward; that is, the first line pops up, then the second line appears above it instead of below.(Why do I even notice these things?

) It would seem a deliberate decision was made to do it that way.

Some are easy to spot (like spokespersons billed on-screen--I'd hafta be pretty impaired to miss those), but for others I can only rely on my eyes--an imperfect method, eagle-like though they may be.

Beneath the quirky exterior of this former A list movie actor from some of the biggest movies of all time and still a very nice B who has dabbled part-time in television is a person who can only get satisfied sexually if there is a little extra kink in his sex life.I made a music-themed tape for my buddy Mike whom I've known since the fifth grade.I included any ads with musicians, plus ads that featured familiar jingles or were highlighted by music.I haven't tested this tape out on friends yet, but I predict it would inspire lots of laughs, even without "enhancement" of any sort.(Oh, I'd recommend it, you understand, but let's call it optional.) Drop me a line if you have anything I might be interested in for trade, or if you're looking for something in particular.The helping hand occurs around :21.] t-shirts) cavort on a playground, singing (ugh) of their love for said pizza with varying degrees of enthusiasm and skill, a woman newscaster is suddenly superimposed across the lower right side of the screen. Presumably the heads of some cheeky director and cameraman consequently rolled. I concocted a sports tape of ads with athletes, and another one I call "Strange is indeed superior to other brands, and although he will only concede that the paper is "very, very soft," his demeanor turns to reluctant acceptance, his new warmth undoubtedly laced with pity for such a grotesque abomination of God's law as compilation, I avoided traditionally animated commercials, as that could make up a tape on its own.