How do we learn about grace until we know how much we need it?How can we ever experience rebirth and resurrection unless we first experience some kind of death?

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We were in places where our stories didn’t make sense to us anymore, sitting in the death of so many dreams and expectations. Sometimes the worst experiences that you go through may be the things that create the capacity in you to become more like Jesus.

How do we learn to be courageous if we aren’t faced with fear?

I either had to record this way or not record at all.

But by the grace of God, recording with nine producers ended up not only working, but working really well, because every song had a champion, a producer who was so invested in their one track.

Jason was trying to help them, but that ongoing emergency was only the tip of the iceberg.

He was also faced with the breakup of his own home, and trying to learn to balance the demands of providing for his family as a touring recording artist with being, for the first time in his life, a single dad.

” That first night of the tour though, a couple from the audience who had no idea what Jason was dealing with came to him after the show asking for prayer for their own marriage which was on the verge of coming apart.

The next night in a different city the same thing happened again with a second couple.

It’s the idea that no matter what we’ve been through, no matter how deep our wounds, we are still truly and deeply known and held and forgiven and loved, that our lives still have meaning and our identities are still rooted in a joyous hope and a call to bring all that we are, even our brokenness—perhaps our brokenness—as means by which we can love and serve others in desperate need of that same hope. Don’t be anxious about the worst thing that happens to you.