The short answer is that genetics is not blending of phenotypes, it is the mixing of discrete information bits, genes.

The smaller the number of genes that control a feature the more that sampling variance can work so that the appearance deviates from the midpoint of the parental character and “favors” one parent.

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In Me, Myself and Irene the main character explains that his sons, who obviously have black ancestry (his wife had an affair with a black dwarf), are dark-skinned because of Italian ancestry.

This is a good laugh line, but there is the grain of truth that we tend to explain or rationalize the data we have with theories derived from the facts we assume.

The issue was that some African Americans objected to Woods’ contention that he was multiracial, Cablinasian, which reflected the fact that he was ancestrally 1/2 Asian, 1/4 African, 1/8 European and 1/8 Native American.

Woods is also a Therevada Buddhist by religion, taking after his Thai nationality (though mixed-race) mother, so one can argue he is quite Asian culturally.

Part of the issue is that in the United States we accept hypodescent, which means that one drop of black blood or any hint of black features can imply that one is fully and totally black.

Consider Jason Kidd, the point guard for the New Jersey Nets.

In the United States though people who have noticeable black ancestry are considered black. A few years ago I recall reading a story about a reporter who was in Russia where Jason Kidd was described as a white basketball player.

The reporter was startled, but he had to admit that if you didn’t know Kidd’s father was African American you might not necessarily assume he was African American, especially with his hair cut short.

I know many people who frankly disagree with Winfrey’s assessment, that is, that Woods looks “like a black man.” Some Asian Americans have stated that “from the eyes down” he looks Asian, and frankly I can see that.

Tiger Woods’ hair reflects his mixed ancestry, and it is neither straight nor kinky, but curly (he cuts it short enough that this doesn’t manifest normally, but I know people who played golf with him when he was a teenager and they attest to this). I am posting on this because of some responses below which asked how it was that mixed-race children can so favor one race.

If the parents overlap in genes and phenotype the sampling of the genes may occur in such a way that the offspring resembles one of the parents more simply because its genes on those loci resemble the state of that parent.