Norton and Buckley met while filming the BBC’s War and Peace.

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You just gotta be sneaky about it so you don't get sued." Looking back, he says he accepts total responsibility for his tarnished reputation, yet still has hard feelings towards his ex-wife when it comes to allegations that he's a racist.

Shortly after the cheating scandal, a photo surfaced of him in Nazi regalia. This is not the man I married," Bullock told about the photo in April 2010. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, anything Nazi and a boatload of other things have no place in my life.

Lois Gibson, a forensic artist with the Houston Police Department, says an undated tintype photo shared with her shows James seated next to Ford, the partner in crime who ultimately killed James in 1882 in an attempt to collect reward money, reports the .

Sandy Mills reached out to Gibson after collectors in Washington state scoffed at the photo passed down from her grandmother, who told Mills her family had concealed James in their Missouri farmhouse in the 1870s. "Then we found Lois." The photo "was taken when the two men trusted each other and the younger Robert Ford wanted a picture of himself with the man who had become a legend in his own time," Gibson writes on Facebook, per CNN.

24 at the home of Alexis’ father, John Paul De Joria, who is the co-founder of the Jean Paul Mitchell hair care products line and the Patron Spirits Company.

They now live together in Austin, TX, where Alexis drag races for Patron.

"And not because he was black -- my requirement for the adoption was like, hey, I want the kid that needs us the most." Bullock herself has remained tight-lipped about their split, except to say that she's clearly moved on. '" She also obviously has an amazing relationship with her son.

"We're all where we're supposed to be," Bullock told in September 2013. "Louis has no idea that I'm in this film," Bullock told ET about her adorable son at the premiere in June, adding that she was first introduced to the popular animated characters by him.

And the man I married felt the same." James says the actress didn't defend him enough.

"I think the adultery part was totally fair 'cause I made big mistakes and did stuff I shouldn't have, and so I deserved what I had coming -- I think the whole Nazi part of it wasn't fair, and I think it was fueled by her and her publicist," he says.

They arrived together and were inseparable throughout the event.