even if u ride with same sex friend,u might be called something,omo i fear to be celebrity because with this kind of rumores i swear it is sucidial.people that don't even u know u will start taking poo, na wah.For the past three years I have been working with a Hollywood bigshot( cannot disclose name for confidentiality purpose) but he disclosed to me that many of these so-called celebrities do lead double lives.

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While I do not in anyway condone the willful infecting of hate among people, there have however been speculation( and I say speculations) for some time now regarding the lifestyles of many of these people who seem to have become overnight role models for our youngsters.

However, we need to be realistic and keep an openmind to situations as such.

I consider his voice to be the absolute BEST male vocalist that exists in the world right now, and I would be blessed...honored...(completely dazed =) to ever have that moment. He's really cool and down to earth..his son is freakin adorable! Him and Eddie have been friends since they were kids. Miami DW[/quote] Well she sure ain't black, thats for sure.

The point is though, I'm NOT God, and neither are YOU, right? what most don't know (cause they aren't true fans) is that Johnny is not gay.

=] Why don't you give this (very talented) man a break, and appreciate him for whatever gifts God gave him to bring to US. Nothing better to waste your time on, I'm guessing =/ His personal life is NONE of my business (although - to be honest, I sure do wish it was, hehehe...) There's been some extremely stupid remarks made here, although I guess I shouldn't be suprised..? The movie was wack but everyone has to get their start somewhere. You'd be extremely surprised by the number of Hollywood men putting on the straight front. Some of us are coming very close to playing God and that is not right! As for Johnny, I thought he was very nice and down-to-earth when I met him and he can sing. Maybe he's a private man and like to keep his affairs HIS and not the public and maybe that special person hasn't arise for him to bring out like that you never now. So each and every one of you need to find a hobby, and stop concerning yourselves with Johnny Gills sexuality.

Before I pass, it's always been my dream to have him sing a song to me... Okay, I have met him and I don't get any gay vibes from this dude. As far as the girl..is hot, and she isn't a white girl..yourselves a favor and get your facts right before you decide to waste 15 minutes of your life on celebrity gossip.

Leaves you thinking what other strange practices this couple is capable of.

In everything in life we must endeavour to harbour an objective point of view, by so doing it would enable us to think outside of the box and not be easily swayed.

The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...