In You Got Served, Wormald played the role of a dancer, and did that for a few more movies that he acted in.He was also the lead cast in Center Stage: Turn It Up (released in 2008, a sequel to Center Stage), but received reviews that were mostly negative according to critics.I'd be trying to sleep on a break, and she'd be like exercising in her trailer.

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Kenny began dancing at the age of 6 after his mom saw him rocking out to a New Kids on the Block video, which is the exact same thing that happened to us when our mom decided we should not become a professional dancer. Dance of New England, Teen Dancer of Boston at 14, and Teen Mr.

I recently had the opportunity to interview actor #Kenny Wormald for Universal Home Entertainment's upcoming release of "Honey 3: Dare to Dance" to Blu-ray / DVD and Digital HD on Sept. This is the third dance film in the "Honey" franchise and takes place in South Africa pulling from the classic story of Romeo and Juliet.

His acting/reality show credits till date are : You Got Served (2004), Clerks II (2006), Jackass Number Two (2006), Center Stage: Turn It Up (2008), Massholes (2012), Kid Cannabis (2013), Caveman (2013), That Awkward Moment (2014), The Living (2014), Lap Dance (2014), By the Gun (2014), Instagram: A Caption Story (2015), Love & Mercy (2015), The Girl in the Photographs (2015), Hey Brother (2015), and Honey (2016).

He can be seen in the music videos of Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Bo A and Jojo.

"We stayed really true to the original," he told Us.

"Not with the choreography, but with the actual plot. To have the opportunity to actually act in a dance movie that has a really strong plot was really great.

Not only this, but it appears that the band was created by the same producer that has created Pussycat Dolls, and they were both European bands and apparently Kenny was dating one of the members of Pussycat Dolls Ashley Roberts but their relationship broke off, so he must have something when it comes to women that are able to sing and he loves this type of girls.

It appears that the story is more intriguing about Kenny Wormald girlfriend and his relationship with different women, because rumors has it that he was still with Ashley when he began to like Lauren and that he broke off his relationship with Ashley just in order to make Lauren the new Kenny Wombat girlfriend and it is a good thing that he broke off his relationship and did not begin to cheat on the former Kenny Wombat girlfriend.

His quotes reflect the amount of satisfaction and confidence he has in himself and why one should never give up on dreams.

According to sources on the internet, he has been dating Danielly Silva since 2013, and his past relationships include Ashley Roberts and Lauren Bennett.

His tap dance performance while competing at the World Dance Championships in Germany got him the gold medal in 2002.