It’s located in the South Pacific and consists of four states.

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I had fun collecting bags from Paris shops and experimented with watercolor on toned surfaces.

The warm brown paper bags made a wonderful surface to bounce the blue skies and dazzling light of Paris.

Sketch trips are always a wonderful time to really push yourself to see new things and play with ideas on how to capture them in paint.

I always feel thankful after painting trips and even a little reluctant to give up the freedom I find in the field as apposed to the studio.

There’s Yap, which Micronesians label as the most traditional.

Kosrae is the state that has been described as the most peaceful and religious (Protestant).The experience of walking through these caves by flashlight and seeing these ancient paintings on the walls, especially in Font de Gaume, where we walked through the original cave and saw paintings dating back 15,000 years, was awe inspiring.I will carry the images of those sacred paintings forever in my mind.Bison Sculpture, La Madeleine Lascaux Lascaux Read more OH what HEAVEN to see the birdies of Flight School finally take flight on stage!! I am so thankful to the incredibly talented people that poured all of their passion into this. If you want more information, or to get tickets, check the Vital Theatre site.It is always so inspiring when I get to step out of the studio and work in the field with sketchbook in hand. My goal was to gather ideas for a book I am just starting that is set in France, but even more importantly, to take some time away from the intense studio work and create an atmosphere of creative play and exploration.Here are a few of the sketches from this last trip.