Though an unhappy Williams ended up leaving the show before it ended, Marshall said that after two decades of silence they've finally patched things up: "I just talked to her last night!" Though she'll always be Laverne De Fazio to those who grew up on her series' "I Love Lucy"-esque shenanigans, Marshall went on to become a successful director.Sand played Robert Dreyfuss, a nebbishy musician with the Boston Symphony, and Penny Marshall played his sister-in-law, Janice.

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Despite its popularity, there was a lot of unhappiness behind the scenes, due mainly to the sudden success of the show.

Luckily time has healed most of those old wounds and the cast members are all on friendly terms today.

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Carole Penny Marshall October 15, 1943Grand Concourse, The Bronx, New York5'6"Walton High School, University of New Mexico (dropped out)Single Married to Michael "Mickey" Henry from 1961-1964; Married to Rob Reiner from 1971-1981Marjorie Irene Marshall (mother); Anthony "Tony" Masciarelli (father); Garry Marshall (brother); Ronny Hallin (sister); Tracy Reiner (daugther)My Mother Was Nuts Playing Laverne De Fazio on Laverne & Shirley Big, Awakening, A League of Their Own First female to direct a movie that grossed over 100 million dollars in the US, with Big (1988).

There are stories of Calvin Klein tearing up the dance floor at high school parties and of Marshall hanging out with John Belushi and smelling pillows for Steven Spielberg.

In her pre-fame days, Marshall quickly learned she didn't fit the Hollywood stereotype when she co-starred in a Head & Shoulders shampoo commercial with a then-unknown blonde named Farrah Fawcett.

The script was ultimately not used, because the producers felt it made the title character appear to be a little much of a loser.

After the Paul Sand show was canceled, Garry Marshall’s mother began to pester him about his sister being out of work, and couldn’t he help her out somehow? The result was “A Date with Fonzie,” in which the Fonz summons two “loose” girls from his little black book to go on a double-date with him and Richie (who was in a dating slump).

The parties became one of the go-to events in Hollywood—Marshall compares them to ’s Oscar parties.