The Spanish media have made allegations that the Brazil ace was caught boozing 48 hours before a game.

And local magazines claim Ronaldinho has developed a close relationship with the coach's daughter — 20-year-old Lindsay — after the pair were spotted together.

In the black township of Sharpeville, near Johannesburg, South Africa, Afrikaner police open fire on a group of unarmed black South African demonstrators, killing 69 people and wounding 180 in a hail of submachine-gun fire.

Federalized Alabama National Guardsmen and FBI agents were on hand to provide safe passage for themarch, which twice had been... The shooting made the season-ending episode one of TV’s most famous cliffhangers, inspired widespread media coverage and left America wondering “Who shot J. The pamphlet, it was later revealed, had been published anonymously by Andrew Marvell in 1677. Thousands of teenagers, hours before show time, lining up outside the biggest venue in town.

Although today Marvell is best remembered as the gifted metaphysical poet who composed witty... The scene outside the Cleveland Arena on a chilly Friday night in March more than 50 years ago would look quite... Anderson, the first western movie star, is born in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Alcatraz remains an icon of American prisons for its harsh conditions and record...

A storm system arising in the Gulf of Mexico spawns a devastating series of tornadoes that kills more than 350 people across the Southeast over two days.

Galliani's valuation could put Chelsea on high alert with speculation that a Didier Drogba-plus-cash package will be offered to acquire one of the world's most entertaining players and would fit Avram Grant's remit of buying a global superstar.

Ronaldinho could join Chelsea for a cut-price £14million next summer.His death came months after he led his corps at the Battle of Antietam in Maryland. It marked the first and only time that the United States has boycotted the Olympics. Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay closes down and transfers its last prisoners.Born in Boston in 1793, Sumner joined the Army in 1819. At it’s peak period of use in 1950s, “The Rock, or “”America’s Devil Island” housed over 200 inmates at the maximum-security facility.Thousands were seriously injured and many were left homeless by this deadly rash of twisters. After four years of debate and planning, French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte enacts a new legal framework for France, known as the “Napoleonic Code.” The civil code gave post-revolutionary France its first coherent set of laws concerning property, colonial affairs, the family, and individual rights. During World War I, the Second Battle of the Somme, the first major German offensive in more a year, begins on the western front.After five hours of bombardment from more than 9,000 pieces of German artillery, the poorly prepared British Fifth Army was forced into retreat in France’s Somme...On this day in 1871, journalist Henry Morton Stanley begins his famous search through Africa for the missing British explorer Dr. In the late 19th century, Europeans and Americans were deeply fascinated by the “Dark Continent” of Africa and its many mysteries. On March 21, 1778, just three days after British Loyalists and Hessian mercenary forces assault the local New Jersey militia at Quinton’s Bridge, three miles from Salem, New Jersey, the same contingent surprises the colonial militia at Hancock’s Bridge, five miles from Salem. Ayrton Senna da Silva, the three-time Formula One (F1) world champion, is born on this day in 1960, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.