By doing this, my neighbors had no idea what was going on in my garage and the noise I made producing my product was not disturbing to them.

I simply installed a window air conditioner to keep the temperature tolerable in the summer.

The resources that the ISBDC offers are essential to the formation, growth and success of small business. Harley drew up plans to create a small engine to power a bicycle.

There are several options to choose from for live answering services and they all have different packages to accommodate even the smallest company.

There is shipping software available such as Ship Works to help you print labels and also Endicia to purchase postage online.

When someone would call my 800 number, they would get a live person who would ask how they could direct the call.

When the person asked for me, they would say” hold please” and then they would call my cell phone number.

In one of my garage businesses, if someone purchased my product on my website, Pay Pal would receive the money and then send the shipping information over to my Ship Works software that was running on my laptop which was sitting on my workbench in my garage.

Ship Works would then create a shipping label and an invoice which would print on my label printer and my laser printer sitting under the bench.You should also consider picking up your raw materials from your supplier if at all possible versus having them delivered to your home. Dealing with small spaces has always been a welcome challenge for me, but I realize that many people do not share my interest in organizing small spaces.On the same token, you should consider taking your finished product to UPS, Fed Ex, etc. The less business traffic you have coming to and from your garage, the less trouble you’re going to have with your neighbors. Before starting any garage-based business, take into consideration how much space you are truly going to need.Setting a sales goal from the very beginning is import, but taking care of the customer is always the most important thing. Have a plan from the very beginning for business growth so that when it happens you’re actually ready for it.If you are not able to produce enough product in your garage to reach your sales goal and if it begins to effect the quality of your service, then it’s past time to find a new home. I would suggest looking into incubator space that you can move your business into before you ever start in your garage. Building the right team of people is always essential to the success of a business, whether it’s in the garage or in a 20 story building.Starting a business in your garage can be very exciting and can also be a lot of fun! The location of your physical home is very important in relation to the type of business that you start in your garage.