Only when they were both done with school and accidentally met at tertiary did the sparks fly.

He asked her out on a date and it’s been love ever since.

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Tumi explains that at first, she thought Mandla was too lokshin for her and rough around the edges.

Mandla says Tumi was a snob with no fashion sense who was in the middle of an identity crisis.

The 30-year-old became a household name on YFM, a radio station he joined in 2008.

The co-presenter to Tumi Vorster on the show The 5th Element from 7pm to 10pm, will also remain a presenter on the SABC1 music show, Live Amp.

This couple met while they were working on Backstage.

They were friends for a while and then started dating after Backstage came to an end. Why we love them: We love how they have managed to keep their relationship private for so long. When Mandoza saw Mpho for the first time, she turned him down but he didn’t give up.

I’m not going to lie about it but her looks also attracted me to her, my wife is beautiful.

I saw her as a wife who would raise up a great family like the way I was taught. Thus we’ve grown to love and respect everything about one another”. They were in the youth ministries and they were both part of the band.

Date night Pearl Modiadie A maxi dress always works anytime of the day.