Having said all that – yes i have a lot of Air sign energy – and Venus-Uranus – let’s throw this open to actual Cancerians…Should Anxious Crab scuttle over to Crab Guy’s House with a freshly baked apple pie and a wholesome display of cleavage? Email Mystic if you would like to trial for a few weeks first.

I am focusing on the reason behind men’s withdraw from relationships.

This period is often described as a the male needing to retreat to his cave, somewhere where he feels safe to filter through everything that’s on his mind.

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The relationship can be in the very first throes, a committed relationship or even marriage, regardless, men will still feel the need to pull away from time to time.

As soon as the shift happens, we feel it instantly.

We all deal with things differently and although it can hurt to leave him there, he is most likely going through the same internal conflicts, just in a slightly different way.

If the relationship is in the very early stages, after one or two dates, it may be better to do nothing at this stage.

One of the main reasons men and women fight so much is because we do not understand each other as a species.

We think that because we are both human, we must think the same way as one another.

Is there a particular Crab Friendly approach I should be taking?

No i am not harassed by crazies more than someone working in a mental hospital lol although i DO get a lot of emails.

Crab Guys often LOVE their women on a pedestal though.