Following the Plantations of Ireland, Birr was located in the Barony of Ballybritt following the formation of King's County (now County Offaly) in 1556.The town itself is an old market and former garrison town dating to the 1620s. The Australian actor and director has been in movie jail for pretty much the whole of this decade.

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The town was also the location of the Crotty Schism, one of the few schisms to affect the Catholic Church in Ireland in the 19th century.

The ruins of a church on Castle Street was the result of the Crotty Schism however it is now in a derelict condition after it fell into disuse following the end of the schism. In recent years it has become a hub for social dancing.

The boundary between Ely O'Carroll and the ancient Meath is co-terminous with the present boundary between the Diocese of Killaloe and the Diocese of Meath.

The O'Carroll family had a castle located at the present site of Birr Castle.

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The Athlone to Limerick service regularly passes through the town daily.

Kearns privately owned bus service provides a number of direct bus services to Dublin from Birr.

Birr lies on the N52 and N62 national secondary roads. The R439, R440 and R489 regional roads also terminate in the town.