"The amount is less considering the nature of work.With more funding, the honorarium can be increased among other expenses." It has been alleged that even if the National Health Policy (2002) had envisaged eradication of lymphatic filariasis in India by 2015, the disease prevailed.Personally I can’t come at all without clitoral stimulation, indirectly hitting that spot that guarantees an amazing orgasm.

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AURANGABAD: The government's resolve to eradicate filariasis by the end of this year, as announced in the Union Budget 2017, bears significance for the eastern and southern parts of Marathwada that are a hotbed of the vector-borne disease.

However, experts TOI spoke to, did not seem to be quite optimistic about achieving the target in a period of 10 months.

The MDA involves administration of DEC (diethylcarbamazine citrate) tablets and albendazole.

When both the drugs are given together, it has an effect on adult worm and, therefore, the parasites are destroyed, thus preventing the infected person from developing the disease.

After that, I went along with it on 'special occasions' to be a ‘good sport’ (which, incidentally, are not good reasons to try anal sex).

It was only when I suggested trying it with a boyfriend who hadn't done it before that I actually started to enjoy it (maybe it was something to do with taking his anal virginity? I started to realise that I needed to be totally relaxed for it to work – I’m talking deep breathing, scented candles, the works."The prevalence of the disease is particularly high in areas bordering Karnataka, where rice cultivation is common.The marshy soil used for paddy cultivation serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes that cause filariasis.I've only done it with a handful of people I've felt really comfortable with.It helps that my current boyfriend and I are really sexually synched.This is besides 5,250 cases of filarial hydroceles in Nanded, Latur and Osmanabad districts.