And this is most definitely true, for both wine tasting and dating too.

(Who knows what could happen, if only you come along and see for yourself?!

) In addition, a group atmosphere really does offers you the perfect opportunity to share opinions and conclusions, shaping and strengthening everyones appreciation of the wines or just providing a chance to enjoy trying out a new selection of beautiful wines, both white and red.

HAPPY HITCHES, 408/661-6377, Connie Dello Buono, Director.

2nd Fridays, Happy Hour, -8pm, El Torito’s, Foster City.

Now we all know a good cuppa isnt fruity (unless its a refreshing herbal tea, of course!

Does the chance to mingle over Merlots and Chardonnays as you sample both your refreshing drinks and your dates sound fun to you? To be honest, we wouldnt believe you if you said No (so theres no point saying it!

Professionals in their film and with years of experience, our chosen sommeliers will provide a short talk explaining how the wine tasting event will proceed, how to describe the different features of each wine and then how to rate them accordingly.

After each wine tasting session, the guys move onto the next group, collecting the next wine to taste with the opportunity to sample six beautifully different wines (three red and three white) throughout the evening.

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)- our Wine Tasting events are a great way to try new and different wines, while meeting and mingling with like minded singles in London.