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The Son river at 784 kilometres (487 mi) long, is one of the longest Indian rivers.

Its chief tributaries are the Rihand and the North Koel.

They're so mature They didn't think much when the girls close to male idols or have a romance scenes in doing their jobs..

Always loving our girls, and real sone must and always keep their manner. They are the #2 best group band in Korea, so they should be at least #2..

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It does not matter if they do not receive any awards (though it will still be good if they did win), as we do know that they have done their best. SONE is No1 in Fanclubs, Snsd is No1 in Kpop's Girl Groups, SNSD...

SONE SNSD=1I'M A SONE, AND FOREVER AND FOREVER WILL BE. My love is Jessica, I'm from Vietnam thank you for you listen. Since I came upon Girls Generation something in my life have changed.

COM RIGHT NOW IT'S GIRLS GENERATION, IN THE FUTURE IT'S GIRLS GENERATION, FOREVER IT'S GIRLS GENERATION! They will still support them SONE didn't 'bo-ing' if idols from different sex are together with SNSDThey know that the girls have their own lives and SONE appreciate love SNSD much I love SNSD because they are lovely, friendly, hard work and they love us, too... You always make me smile whenever I see you, and, I feel happy because I listen your songs every day I'm proud to be a SONE!

The Son has a steep gradient (35–55 cm per km) with quick run-off and ephemeral regimes, becoming a roaring river with the rain-waters in the catchment area but turning quickly into a fordable stream.

The Son, being wide and shallow, leaves disconnected pools of water in the remaining parts of the year.

Sir John Houlton, the British administrator, described the Son as follows, "After passing the steep escarpments of the Kaimur range, it flows straight across the plain to the Ganges.