AKA lost his composure on Friday afternoon after DJ Zinhle bought Euphonik’s #Nonke T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it on social media. Took care of my responsibility according to her culture. According to her tweets, DJ Zinhle does not hate Bonang.The T-shirt exists because Euphonik, Bonang Matheba’s ex-boyfriend, responded to tweets alleging that he wanted Matheba back by going on a Twitter rant, telling people that he was the one who in fact broke up with her and he didn’t want her back. She says Matheba saved her, but then unleashes scathing some backhanded sarcasm against AKA in the same breath.Kubhlungu, uzophola.” “U ARE SO F**KEN CHILDISH & WEAK!!!

That post with the T-shirt, totally unnecessary.’ The post likely refers to DJ Zinhle’s Thursday tweet that showed a picture of herself wearing DJ Euphonik’s T-shirt with the word #Nonke on it.

When Zinhle posted the picture on Thursday, Twitter users promptly reacted.

He rudely used his hand to motion Zinhle out of the picture, as if to say that he was the one in the spotlight, not her.

“Everyone who was there noticed it and felt sorry for Zinhle,” another source says.

AKA, however, did not take the insults lying down; he retaliated, telling them he was not going to keep quiet and let them say personal things to him like he was not human. open your mouth about me or my child and you need to be prepared to take your ugly baby pictures off social media.” DJ Zinhle’s fans were still not backing down, even after AKA threatened to hit back.

“This guy wants his show to be sold out so he is looking for strategies damn.” “Always on Zinhles business.Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has yet again found himself on the wrong side of all his baby mama’s fans for what DJ Zinhle’s admirers call his “immaturity”.While promoting his T-shirts for his Supa Mega Show set to take place in Cape Town this weekend, AKA posted a picture of the shirts, along with the arm of a fan wearing a gold watch.“Why the f*ck should I protect the mother of my child when she is making a career out of shading me? In his Twitter rant, AKA claimed to no longer want to remain quiet about issues plaguing him, and highlighted how a ‘T-shirt post’ was the reason for him to speak out. I’m done being quiet.’ Euphonik has recently started making #Nonke (everyone) T-shirts after his subtweets to Bonang trended.‘Yesterday was the end of me keeping my mouth shut. The #nonke hashtag relates to a series of tweets from the DJ earlier this month, in which he referred to Bonang as mentally unstable and slut shamed her. After AKA’s day-long Twitter rant about the mother of his child, DJ Zinhle finally responded with her own string of tweets last night.