Our "ladies" do their bit to sort out the game We Ve heard a bit on the telly recently about how cricket needs cleaning up thanks to some naughty Pakistani chaps. Now, here's Sergio Aguilar getting pierced through his jaw, then getting a horn in the groin for good measure, during a bullfight in Bilbao. From the acclaimed director of Batman: Dead End pop into our shop free UK delivery at E3 download at EMU KLEIN RODRIGUEZ £9.99 DVD out now Crime drama starring 50 Cent and Chris Klein. As he did, I took his other hand and seductively sucked his thumb. TOP 5 ELECTRIC GADGETS PHILIPS SENSOTOUCH RQ1280 3D £270 Use this bad boy wet or dry - it's the slickest looking shaver yet. The real selling point, though, is the use of dirty tactics -fake platoons, spy planes, traps and decoys - to achieve your goal. ***** NINETY-NINE NIGHTS 2 XBOX360 Sequel to the 2006 slashfest. \ Cool Camaro p18 Harry Redknapp p56 MTV cheerleaders bring doughnuts to launch The Hard Times Of RJ Bergerl With Lewis Floyd Henry at Leeds festival with Gaymers A ■A Wilts cleans cricket! Z010 FLOODLIT J ENGLANI ISTAN ML *1 P"V3 PL» BEGINS 11 Pfssia M. X 9 r gets it ii Last week, we saw Spanish banderiller Pedro Muriel getting a bull's horn up his jacksie. True PDF release: storemags & fantamag storemags & fantamag - magazines for all piece of the action £8.99 DVD out now With a clear nod to the original Star Wars trilogy, Hunter Prey is classic sci-fi that will delight fans with its painstaking recreation of an alien world where danger, conflict and deceit abound. He pushed me up against a tree and slid one of his hands up my top. LUKE: 01179 300008 1512446 £350 This classic will never go out of fashion. PS 3, XBOX360, PC Excellent new strategy game where you flick between eagle-eye and battlefield views - both in incredible detail - to command your troops in a number of Second World War battles.(HD) 10.00 Take It Like a Fan: Football quiz presented by John Fendley.

50 ANNA FRIEL Anna performed the first pre-watershed lesbian kiss on British TV. A A MIRANDA KERR ■P ™fr The Aussie model's famous for her "girl next door" look. EMILY BLUNT W In real life, Emily's usually trussed up in corsets, acting in Victorian dramas. 4 ; been i If she) how f i KAYA SCODELARIO Skins star Kaya has been in two of Plan B's vids. SIM SEREN GIBSON I %3 Seren says she's so comfy with her body, she'd flash her boobs down the JENNIFER MM METCALFE Jen's character in Hollyoaks is Mercedes. EMMA GLOVER The Essex beauty 1 is up for anything, as she v - * proved with a mad, boobs- out skydive earlier this year! BARCLAYS store 1 1^3 &ft \fc X» \J SIR ALEX FERGUSON « f (On being asked in a post- match interview about ■ a disputed Ronaldo penalty) I Ferguson: "F**king b*stard! n Tuesdays, you don't want to at home watching East Enders, you want to be at the Lane" flki cool trick. z e "I try to get as much sleep as b possible, so I'm in bed all day =j unless I have to get up! My friends usually come over and we drink while we're getting ready, so it can sometimes take all afternoon! Bill payer's permission and compatible handset required. I could feel his huge stiffy press against my inner thigh and this instantly made me wet. ), and his solo debut is a slice of mature, glossy, fancy-pants pop.

In our heads, she's starkers ROXANNE PALLETT Roxy was a DJ at School Disco recently. storemags & fantamag - magazines for all 100 SEXIEST BRUNETTES JENNIFER LOPEZ J-Lo sings, acts and I produces records. If she was plan B, imagine how fit plan A would be? i- 1 FRANKIE I I SANDFORD Here's our favourite Saturday of all. L It's not just 'Arry who's lost the plot on camera! " r I Reporter: "Hey, don't you talk to me like that! M^^M "Most defenders li to feel the striker from behind" Mick Mc Carthy talks dirty. it gro them impressive it is" The BBC's I Guy Mowbray I I isn't shy. I'VE GOT A SPLITTING HEADACHE MR OPENSHAW HAS ASKED TO SEE YOU I THINK HE NEEDS COUNSELLING 4 WE ALWAYS KNOWN HE'S NEEDED COUNSELLING - THE FACT HE'S ACTUALLY ASKED FOR U MEANS WONDERS . There's nothing to do around here, the j shops and clubs are rubbish, so I head into Birmingham for shopping or a good night out! I'm g acuddlerif it's cold, or else o I'll hog the bed, so watch out! I wanted him right then, so I took his hand and led him into the stockroom. **** HURTS HAPPINESS I The world and its ^ n wife are banging *■ on about this Manchester duo as being the next Pet Shop Boys - and to be fair, they're pretty ruddy good.

I wore a tiny bikini that showed off my best assets and had him drooling.

'We got hot in the steam room' On one of The first dates with my new man, we went to our local leisure centre.

65 Striker REAL GIRLS 66 Bedroom Babes 69 Our Postbag 70 Real Girls, Real Places I 73 Ladies Confess 1 Jeana p66 Sexiest Brunettes p40 PLUS! He quickly moved my bottoms to one side and I gasped as he entered me. Kimberley, Northern Ireland 'He pushed me against a tree' I've started dating a really hunky student and the sex has been amazing and adventurous.

After that, we headed off to buff up South London's cricket capital, The Oval. " BLACKBURN VS ARSENAL Ewood Park, Sat 28 August, 12.53pm Arsenal's keeper issues a challenge to El-Hadji Diouf after a tussle. " BOLTON VS BIRMINGHAM 2.10pm The Bolton midfielder has a foul-mouthed parting shot at the ref when he's substituted. Starring Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen and DMX hmv get closer Nut S .1 DON'T LOOK! Send your injuries to [email protected]"I think I'll skip the sausages, Heston" m ui O I out of my arm P f Silly cyclist smashes through window! A broken leg is no fun if you're a gosling, but St Tiggywinkles animal hospital fixed this baby goose's leg with steel pins. Happily, Fuji, the Japanese bottlenose dolphin, got a false one. storemags & fa 100 SEXIEST BRUNETTES Q^T LEA MICHELE #M Here at Nuts, we hate Glee. He lifted me up around his waist, pulled my panties to one side and thrust himself deeply into me. Stockists: uk BRAUN SERIES 3-380 £140 Never buy another costly razor blade again if you invest in this shaver. ***** IPITY IPHONE, ITOUCH, IPAD mm Make your mates chortle down the pub with a bunch of highly amusing catchphrases as spoken by The A-Team legend BA Baracus. **** ft PETE VERSUS LIFE CERT 15 DVD Excellent comedy from the makers of Peep Show, centred around the misadventures of a socially inept sports writer.

4% A DAISY LOWE %3 The Lowe-down on this busty babe is that she's not shy about getting her fantastic boobs out. We think she deserves 1 another award just for being 1 so bloomin' gorgeous! Well, the TV game show might be, but the multi-line slot isn't! You can win big money in the comfort of your own home! I got loads of attention from guys all night and my man kept staring at me from across the table with a look of lust in his eyes. Jonah Hill's brother is the manager of pop band Maroon 5 CYRUS CERT 15 When a divorcee (John C Reilly from Talladega Nights) pulls his dream woman (Marisa "The Wrestler" Tomei), he can't believe his luck.

8 HOLLY PEERS Gorgeous Holly is a die- hard Man United fan. For as little as 5p a go, you can win big - and if you're willing to play on all lines, you could win a progressive jackpot. HOW TO PLAY • The aim is to get winning symbol combinations from a spin of the reels, with the ultimate aim being to win the progressive jackpot. As I got up to go to the toilet, I gave him a sultry look and a cheeky wink as I beckoned him to follow me. Then he meets her devious son, played by Jonah "Superbad" Hill in this quirky comedy that delivers slapstick laughs and bizarre gags ("Your hair is like a crippled tree reaching for a heaven.") A truly oddball chucklefest!

DAISY WATTS w O Daisy took up modelling after Rosie Jones told her to. \ 4% JF KITTY LEA JO Ms Lea's utterly bonkers, but that doesn't stop her from being really hot. # i OA EVAMENDES ^Lm We were gutted to find out Eva's sex tape was a fake - hopefully, this photo will relieve some of the pain! She really is a tiny little bundle of sexy perfection! ast week, Spurs boss Harry Redknapp got shirty in an interview with Sky Sports 7 Rob Palmer after the reporter called him a "wheeler- dealer" - but he's not the first boss to go bonkers on camera! I I storemags & fantar gazines for all Nut S PORT ALL NEW STORIES! WILL NEVER j CEASE (at OOOOPSJ MUDDY MILDRED' YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO - MR OPENSHAW ... 70 NUt S lease: storemags & fantamag wot bo Hannah on... "I'm always drinking Lucozade because I walk to the gym straight after work and I've got to have a Lucozade to keep me going, or else I can't make it! Without saying a word, I lifted my skirt and bent over, letting him lick me from behind. **** 76 NUt S True PDF release: storemags & fantamag storemags & fantamag - magazines for all The latest action-packed releases!

KELLY ANDREWS VV What else can we say about lovely Kelly apart from she's fit, she's brunette and she has hot boobs? IMOGEN OO THOMAS Imogen found fame in the 88 house, and became a real star when she posed in Nuts! From fit, to weird, and back to fit, all in a few years. PDF release: stpremags[& fantamag ALESSANDRA O^F AMBROSIO Alessandra is a Victoria's Secret "Angel". 1 ^1 {\ ANGELINAJOLIE 1 \M Angelina has won an 1 Oscar. By PETE NASH and SIMON RAVENHILL WT^~ TIME'S RUNNING OUT ■ 1 ... ¥ BE WARBURY'S LAST I r ATTACK OF THE GAME - $ ANP DEFENDER LEE PRENDE8GAST HAS SCRAMBLED HOME THE EQUALISER.' WARBURY 1 BIRMINGHAM f mo SUCCESSIVE DRAWS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, ERIC/ I EXPECT US TO WIN OUR NEXT GAME striker3I CANT BE DOING WI' ALL THIS GRIEF FROM T' SHEIKH, NAOMI/ SEND CELIA MONTGOMERY IN TO SEE ME, WILL YOU? REALLY/ j DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT - V \ POOR GIRL TRIPPED/ i THOUGHT YOU WANTED ME TO COUNSEL YOU FOR STRESS NOT A SPANKING i FETISH A Nut S 1 A Ana 22, D° ver ' ^TZ around an island True PDF release: st fantamag - magazines for all lul NEXT Nut S PROMOTION Deal or No Deal is a game enjoyed just by those who believe in a "system", right? " tour of Dudley The Nuts bus finds another gorgeous lady! After a few minutes, he slipped on a johnny and slipped inside me, making me gasp. Anon, via email 1 nearly came on the spot 1 It was my sister's wedding last year and having lost loads of weight and toned up my body at the gym, I must say that I was looking rather hot in my little pink dress! Ratings: ***** Genius **** Very good *** Investigate ** Alright * Rubbish I MOVIES!

Roger Johnson: "We just got A, caught after a challenge, then I he smacked me in the mouth! V BOLTON VS BIRMINGHAM 2.54pm The Birmingham midfielder tries to put Bolton's Kevin Davies off his penalty. HE'S OKHOM^ We Ve all come a bit Seventeen-year-old Chris tells window of Superdrug, smashing w of a cropper when Nuts, "One Friday night, I was out it with my head ! However, we love Lea, who plays Rachel She's an absolute corker! Then he pumped me hard and fast until we both reached an earth-shattering climax. ***** ENTOURAGE: SERIES SIX CERT 15 DVD & BLU-RAY MUSIC!