It is to criticise some one who is too shy & submissive.

It literally translates to "being too submissive, a widow gets pregnant".

Refers to people's inconsistent behavior in their comfort zone vs. Tiger implies confident and aggressive behavior, while cat refers to meek and timid behavior.

It is used to emphasize the importance of time and punctuality in our lives.

If we don't do the right thing at RIGHT time, it no longer remains as a right thing.

Here it means that , i\547 you have finished painting your home, it does not mean that the festival is over.

This is similar to saying, if you have read 10 answers, it does not mean you have got A grade in exams.

It is used to describe people who are not productive (the braying donkey), but go around disturbing others who are doing something more productive (the grazing donkey).

Well, it presupposes that grazing is more productive than braying!Broadly, this translates to - A woman gets corrupted with too much socializing, and Man gets corrupted with too little.In current day, this would be sexist and inappropriate.The intended message is more on the lines of : Women spending too much time outside home (socializing, gossiping etc.) are no good, while for a man spending too much time at home (not being out there and winning the bread, probably) is not good.Literally, this proverb means person carrying the sedan chair (a type of human powered transport) knows the weight of it.Literal translation : Wife says its getting impossible (financially) and husband asks for green gram (a kind of lentils, considered premium). It is similar to the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette about asking people to eat cake when they have no bread .