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The organic and wellness inspiration carries over to the hotel's in-house Essensia restaurant, featuring seasonal selections of locally sourced dishes, using herbs and vegetables from the on-site gardens.

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Regis is one of our best fitness hotels, too), sand, and butterflies at luxe beachfront retreat St. The Monarch Beach area in Orange County has been long known for its mass of fluttering butterfly inhabitants that have sadly been recently on the decline.

So the resort just planted milkweed all over the property, and butterflies are springing up to the plantings, helping increase the population and reclaim the Monarch Beach name.

The gardens change every season and showcase stunning rare flowers, oversized plants, floral masterpieces, all lit under skylights.

Mini water features and rotating exhibits, such as a butterfly habitat and animal statues made entirely out of flowers, keep this free, 24-7 experience packed night and day.

Aside from the eats, enjoy luxury poolside rooms, just a step away from lagoons, waterfalls and foliage surrounding the property.

Il Salviatino -- Florence, Italy Truly escape the ordinary at Il Salviatino, a restored 15 century villa on the picturesque outskirts of Florence.

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