Here the ever-present legends mixed with ancient myths seem just as palpable as the dominant of the rocky hill – the Church of St Peter and St Paul.

No wonder – we are talking here after all about the very first seat of Czech princes and kings.

An absolute must on any tourist’s list is also Petrin park with its dominant observation tower sitting majestically on top of Petrin Hill.

But do be careful not to mistake it for its bigger sister – the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

After starting to feel satiated with the tranquillity of the above-listed places, you can experience the true buzz of the city life in Wenceslas Square or in its Old Town counterpart.

Once the pulsing of the metropolis becomes a little bit too tiring, why not to take refuge in a park or go for a walk through one of Prague’s gardens – for instance, those ones underneath the castle?

This is thanks to his appearance in famous Czech film about Rudolph II. Golem “lived” only with clay tablet inserted into his mouth (according to the movie-makers into his forehead).

Nevertheless, according to this legend Joseph was at first sight undistinguishable from an ordinary human beings. It had to be taken out on Saturday because of Jewish holy day Sabbeth.

It was made out of deer skin and was decorated with mystic signs. Because he was a hard-working chap, he also managed to help out in Rabbi’s household and in the synagogue.

You will probably hear that Golem was huge, shapeless and only vaguely reminiscent of any human being.

You will get the chance to see the unique collection of Ivan Steiger, the film maker and cartoonist, which concentrates mainly legendary toys made out of wood and tin.