By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis What’s more attractive than a woman on a bike? Where can you meet a woman(…) More How To Drive In Thailand And Get Around Safely.

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Your girl will try to avoid contentious discussions at all costs. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about the way(…) More A Commuter Van Is A Kind Of Bus in Thailand.

Although they are actually vans they stop at the bus stops along their route until they are full and then they fly to their destination at top speed.

If you’re marrying into a Thai family, you’ve made a wise choice. If you marry a Thai woman you’ll have a wonderful relationship as long as you’re open to understanding Thai culture.

The Thai family culture can affect your relationship with a(…) More Driving around Bangkok will pretty much be a necessity if you’re going to live in Thailand.

A Thai lady Is Just Possibly More Open About Liking To Be Pampered.

It would be a lie of any woman worldwide to say that they don’t enjoy receiving a gift now and again from a man.And even if they have an innate sense(…) More One Of The Facts About Thailand is: Danger lurks in every step, literally. That might be the question you ask as you ply the sidewalks of Bangkok.While your Thais may take nary a notice of the sidewalk hazards posed on a Bangkok walk-about you will surely be(…) More In part 1 we talked about your Thai wife respecting the traditional roles of men and women in a relationship.Thai women are beautiful in so many ways but today’s blog will focus on reason number eight; Their hair.What is it about a Thai(…) More Fitness In Thailand – Part 3 By: Guest Blogger Marc Lewis Your Thai girl will be very impressed if you regularly do fitness in Thailand.Thai women are generally in very good shape and you will look like a great couple if you keep yourself in shape too.