Alex has reached an age where she wants to make her own choices about her gender, but her family, as well as a visiting surgeon, all have other ideas.

Nestor rescues sea turtles from poachers and fishermen.

Early on, he slices the shell off a dead turtle to identify its sex. Later, he rescues a turtle that has lost a flipper.

Lucía Puenzo's "XXY," which won the Audience Award at this year's Frameline festival, as well as the Critics' Week grand prize at Cannes last year, is as finely crafted as a great work of literature.

On the surface, the film tells the story of a 15-year-old Argentine girl named Alex (Inés Efron) who was born with what doctors called "sexual ambiguity," caused by an extra X chromosome.

On the eve of his family's departure, Alvaro attempts to bond with his father.

The results seem heartbreaking at first, yet we realize it's the boy's first step toward becoming his own person.

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brought Jamie xx a level of success not usually associated with, like, solo albums by the sole non-singing member of a band.