Trump retweeted an unflattering picture of his rival's wife, Heidi, just a day after threatening to 'spill the beans' on her after a super PAC backing Cruz released an advert showing his wife Melania naked. 'You better stick with me, 'cause Sydney Ellen Wade is way out of your league.' Heidi Cruz (C), the wife of Republican presidential candidate Sen.

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She was how i wanted georgia to be done, very funny and good at the emotional stuff too!! I hope him and georgia are like that in real life..i read they were going out on you-tube i would love to meet them both one day! For the most part, this film did stay true to Louse Rennison's novels, however it deteriorated into a cliched storyline that we have seen a hundred times by the end.

I didnt like the girl playing jas..was the same all the way through...annoying and wet! Viewing it objectively it was an alright movie, but would have benefited from being based much more on the books, instead of being tweaked into yet another cliched teenage movie.

(also, I must say, that the main guy is quite attractive :) : I enjoyed most of the movie, although it runs into stereotype-land in the final third.

However, it has enough LOL scenes for most audiences who appreciate a "teen flick".

The books have become best-sellers among the teen set and the film captures, with seeming accuracy, the world of girls in their mid-teens who want to grow up fast. MARGARET: I can't believe that 14-year-olds are like that.

The dialogue is amusing, the performances are bright and its all very easy to take. I mean, I think this is a film about 14-year-olds for 9-year-olds. DAVID: Well, it would be interesting to see, actually, whether you're right.

It adds: 'We are an independent group, and are not authorized by any presidential candidate or candidate committee.

Our focus is on using unconventional and cost-effective tactics, as opposed to stereotypical high-cost, limited-yield methods with the objective of providing maximum donor value.'In reference to an anti-Trump ad they ran in January criticizing his business methods, the super PAC tweeted: 'If Trump's opponents are serious about defeating him, they need to start running attacks that work with his voters now...'Their first date was at a bar called the Bitter End.

Loved the eye rolling parents, the cat, the little sister - didnt even mind the girls but whats with the the over the top party at the end and the unimaginably sophisticated band with the hottie singing mushy love songs..

Went back the books and all the Hollywoodish stuff wasnt there, Paramount, that's your fault. I thought Georgia who plays georgia was really good. : I'm sick of movies demoralizing teenagers to be brainless people with their mind on only one thing in particular - whether it be footy or the opposite sex. : Is it at all possible for a movie to remain true to the book/s it is based on?

It lasted for hours because Cruz asked his future wife 'a lot of questions about my background, my goals in life, my 10-year plan, my 20-year plan,' she told the New York Times.