which gets the data from remote server and returns it.

Of course, user shouldn't change number of items of the list because he'll get data not synchronized with data on the server (and if he want change number of items he has special methods like Collections.unmodifiable List if perfectly acceptable, and should be faster (no need to create an array).

they found me a counselor and i can get 5 visits for free. i have to wait till monday but for now i feel so much better but i am crying my bloody head off. Opiates are bad news, yet effective for people in debilitating pain. i feel for all of you and i also fear the day i have to detox off oxy's once my herniated discs get better if they ever do. There is no easy way to do this, exect cold turkey.. Take someone with you to the suboxone doctor on your first dose day as you will need the support and may be anxious. its later in the day.knows something is wrong.isnt like me to sleep all day..i told him i have the flu or something.sure.not feeling well... i got really sick the 1st night i took it and think i overmedicated cause it made me vomit and get really sick.i am on half a tablet.

i realize now i have a big problem but know this too shall pass.

he wasnt too concerned before as i told him i only take them occasionally but i think later on he did talk about how he would be afraid of getting addicted so he wont try or take them. i dont need her to come drive to my house all the time but i need someone to talk to why i am going crazy. now i am asking all you readers to take a step out and say something next time you see this. but at least i am getting the idea i need to get off this junkalso if you dont make mistakes you dont make was on a sign on a wall by a doctors far as getting off. so far i didnt even feel stoned as i usually take 2 at a time.

Edit - In terms of API design, you should just make your javadoc clear !

People who use a method without reading its doc deserve the surprise :p Startling rather than accomodating programmers who assume your code is brittle and will tolerate side-effects, is for the betterment of software development, IMO.

Expand..you really wana get off them then tell on doctor will a doc isn't perscribing them then by all means talk with your bf and tell him exactly what your trying to he loves you like you hope he does,then you need to work as a team on getting you off of these tracks before he losses you to these drugs.i'll pray for you all i can and so will the other people you texted with,but this is up to you.believe me when i say there's no one who can watch you 24/7 its up to you go to a doc after today i'll tell you what you need to ask him/her for.catapres/clonidine for your blood pressure .01mg 2x a day,ativan or xanax,valiunm,some kind of benzo 3x a day. Geez, maybe it doesn't sound funny now, but every time I think of it I get hysterical with laughter! You can do it you have already taken the first two steps, admitting and asking for help xxx All so sarcosam if your out there please join as a friend evehn idf its temp i have a private msgxxxx thank you all for the help-please keep posting. cheersrichard gave ye some good advice about the 12 steps. I had a similar relationship with my mum, and I lost her at about the same age as you lost yours, we all have shite like that to deal with, though, don't we? This is simply a mention for those who may read this answer.

no,thats the train coming at you dont want to meet it head on,then i suggest you get off them you have female trouble or some kind of pain that you deal with on a daily basis hiding it with pills will only make it worse when they where they always hoping a doc prescribes them for you. They were a mess but they'd wrapup in a huge old filthy blanket and i'd shove a couple bars of Ivory soap under they're feet "WHEW"! What can i do, tell them I was addicted to prescrip opiates? There's one way you can get your ovaries back in line... i figure they use the same insurance, they would know how and who to call for approval i would start to plant the seed in your mind with a book , its small but is the step work book 12 steps " the steps we took" by Joe Mc Que he is the best teacher of the recovery steps of our time, also look up residential rehabs( find all your options, you may need time off) also find a doctor who is compassionate to this and who will not judge you on it, this willgo a long w3ay as talking therapies and reading are only part of the solution, also finding a sucessful addict who has at least 5 years clean time to help guide you through the steps and they will know the up cumming hurdle which will be plenty, the good thing is yopur on a ride to self discovery, insight into your self , awarness of who you are and your personality traits and short comings , and you will walk strong out of this clean and a person you will love and at this stage admire to be. Openness, honesty, and willing ness are the key if your not keen to get the help and research it ,get the best you can i did, but once you get it hand over your power and go with the process and come out with so much more and you will enjoy lifge so much more, its worth it , or you could go insane, jail, or die. it wasnt always a walk in the park but for some reason i had a tight connection with her... Kick that monkey off your back before 'tis 10 years down the road... This may not be easy, but you've got the ovaries to do it girl! yes i took immodium all day yesterday..didnt want to miss bike week in laconia. we have tons to do here..oceans, fields, city life, mountains, tons of 4wheel trails, skiing and the lakes=we have some of the best fishing... Google the Thomas recipe opiate withdrawal and read the entries Thomas made about his progress and the otc meds and supplement he used to get off opiates.

i am just putting off the inevitable snap that will come. Listen to what you know is right in your heart and do the right thing take gods hand and turn your head away from the dark side of things. i intended to take 2 every other day and then the last one on the last skipped day. For me, the stories helped me keep my eyes focused on my goal - getting back to clear-headed freedom I once knew. And for heaven's sake - if you are supposed to be on anti-depressants, get back on them. The entire span of getting off junk, the withdrawl actually takes quite sometime, and depression is part and parcel of the process..

Added : today is monday, at work, feeling tired but not too bad..far its a pain lying to people about why I feel and look like shit.. God is on your side and will do whatever he can to keep you alive and well and walk with him on his path to life. And one thing that I found particularly comforting was reading program literature - NA, AA, CA - the stories in the back of those books were short enough for me to get thru while stopping, and also very helpful in that they are reminders of how you got where your at, that you are not alone (screw guilt), what "yets" to be could be waiting out there for you, but most importantly, they are all success stories.

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thanks, sweetlemon hi toobadgirl, that light in the tunnel sweetlem was telling you about,its not god waiting or telling you to come into the light. and worse it dosen't seem to be doin' shit. When I was 35 to 40 a guy and his girl used to crash on my living room floor 'cause I had a rug. Bill Sacosam Hi sub, so glad you are not in terrible pain. We find a bat hanging off one of the rafters in our home, I call the Critter Catchers, as I'm terrified by this bat, keep in mind that i am barfing, shaking, panic attacks and i make frequent icky trips to the bathroom, so the Critter dudes tell me "do not MOVE A MUSCLE IF THIS BAT FLIES"... Well right as the guy goes to grab the bat, I get all freaked, start crying and I BARF... they get the bat, and then they are at my side, attempting to comfort me! who has suboxone, tell him / her the truth , then tell him /her that you need His /Her help. tomorrow i will seek him out and find out where to start. my mother died 2 yrs ago..thats when it started..about 3 months after she died..i have been in various states of numbness since. my mother suffered her whole life with skitsofrinia and manic bipolar depression. toobadgirl, YAY, You are on the right path my friend! I had to tell a faithful wonderful boyfriend about a lortab problem and he already knew and was totally supportive. One thing I want to mention is the Thomas recipe, an alternative to cold turkey and opiate replacement therapy for anyone who might need that info.