end fence is thrilled to partner with our friends at Kostume Kult for Burning Man 2013 to bring over 16 hours of transcendent style on the 30,000 watt custom KK system — right in the center of the action at and Esplanade.We’ll be starting at 12pm on Wednesday, August 28th.Mark Morris & Logotech – Ungluck [Joton Remix] [Ketra] 12. This culminated in their first signing to the label – ‘Nerve Attack’.

Those who claim digital formats are cold and impersonal have clearly never gotten naked in a desert with 60,000 strangers for a week.

Mastered by the mighty dadub at Artefacts Mastering.

While you’re browsing through our 10 monumental releases, please bite into this lovely mix from Blankstairs’ Headmaster, Nathaniel Young, as the sixth Act in our podcast series (while listening to our back catalog, of course).

The Burning Man gathering means something very different to each of the thousands of participants who build it up and torch it down each year, dust to dust.

We feature new talent from across North America on one of the heaviest sound systems in Manhattan. NASA – Voyager Recordings: Symphonies of the Planets 4 [Delta] 2. Zeitgeiber – None of Their Defects [Stroboscopic Artefacts] 4. Hyetal – Northwest Passage (Vessel Remix) [True Panther Sounds] 6. Octave One – I Believe (Sandwell District Remix) [430 West] 8. Radioactive Man – Flying Fuck (Al Tourettes Remix) [WANG Trax] 10. Long-time friend and DJ partner Method joined soon after, completing the trio and The Sect was born.

Barker & Baumecker – A Murder of Crows Part 1 [Ostgut Ton] 11. Hooking up with Raiden and Propaganda whilst living in the South of England, they all share the same love of driving, underground drum and bass, especially the breaks, techno and futuristic soundscapes that embody the Offkey sound.

Enduser has also collaborated with artists ranging from drum and bass heavyweights Dylan or DJ Hidden as with rock and metal legends Jarboe (of the Swans), Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu) or Bill Laswell.

Silent Killer -Herd Killing, Guerilla- For a decade, music producer and musician Sean Shah who is known as SILENT KILLER, has been an integral and innovative part of electronic dance music history.

You will only be able to download these tracks if you meet one of the end fence crew in person out on the playa this year — we’ll be passing along physical mementos that lead to intangible gifts.