The governor is asking all counties to pay for a greater share of health services, but she said the two largest counties can shoulder that burden and rural counties cannot.Despite this defense, budget cuts in rural counties worried Sandoval enough that he traveled to Elko this past Saturday to listen to concerns from county officials and state legislators.State entities, however, may have an monetary incentive to favor urban districts.


As long as the $5.8 billion arrives at his desk without taxes and fee increases, he will sign it.

“If you don’t want to spend more in this account and move it to that account, that’s the Legislature’s prerogative,” said Dale Erquiaga, the governor’s senior adviser, at a press briefing earlier this week.

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“As long as we’re not taking more than their [urban legislators'] share, everyone is willing to do their part,” said Senate Minority Leader Mike Mc Ginness, R-Fallon. Just like in Congress, legislators will try to do what they can for their districts.

This time, though, that is less a matter of bringing home the bacon than it is of saving the farmhouse.“We’ll offer fewer classes at fewer locations,” said Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich.“In particular, this could impact rural locations that could suffer as our colleges focus on serving the greatest number of students.” That pressure, however, does not mean rural legislators are pushing to be first in line to vote for a tax increase.CARSON CITY – Nevada’s rural Republican legislators are struggling to defend the cuts to their communities in the governor’s budget.Democrats have been showcasing cuts to the rural counties in order to convince rural Republican legislators that a vote for tax increases is a vote to mitigate the harm to their districts.Horsford has argued that it is unfair for the state to divert property tax revenue from Clark and Washoe counties to the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas when counties like Elko and Eureka, beneficiaries of Great Basin College, do not.