However, during the handover at the latter's bonded warehouse, Temple's henchmen rob his crew of the drugs at gunpoint.

XXXX delivers the severed head of the Duke to Dragan as a peace offering, who reports back to his Serbian boss that the police have seized the drugs.

Cody and Tiptoes return the drugs to XXXX in exchange for a fee, and XXXX in turn looks to sell them to Eddie Temple as planned.

Temple informs him that Jimmy Price has recently lost £13 million in a failed investment in Africa and planned for XXXX to find Charlie so Jimmy could take her hostage until Eddie could get his money back.

Jimmy was also hoping to sell the pills to recoup his losses; Temple plays then XXXX a recording indicating that Jimmy has been a long-term informant for Scotland Yard and intends to betray XXXX to the police as soon as the deal is done, planning to gain clemency from the deal and also take away XXXX's wealth.

Layer Cake (also occasionally stylised as L4YER CAKƐ) is a 2004 British crime thriller film directed by Matthew Vaughn, in his directorial debut. The film was produced by Adam Bohling, David Reid and Matthew Vaughn, with Stephen Marks as executive producer.

The film features Tom Hardy, Colm Meaney, and Sienna Miller.

Layer Cake received positive reviews, with an 81% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 7.1/10 based on 134 reviews.

The critical consensus states that it is "A stylized, electric British crime thriller".

The film's plot revolves around a London-based criminal, played by Daniel Craig, working in the trade of cocaine who wishes to leave the drug business.