there are a lot of people are beginning to miss the holiday after the smile is the whole of the show day ~ like a fallen couples put up your hands!!!!!We must all feel, Yang Yang, a male leading role is very handsome, Zheng Shuang heroine in the play appearance level is also extraordinary time ah!

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The youth pain after movie "left ear" series, the film is a film type youth love ~ ~ as a director of the film orea has revealed that he should not wake up in the heart a little adolescence mental disease, "so she may look a bit like a patient sick, may be thin to see some bones, but still want to beauty, morbid beauty feeling."Look around now the entertainment circle, our great girl (Zheng Shuang) fitting.

Yang Yang Zheng Shuang sure movie "hourglass" to play screen couple, do you expect?

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It was a drama that was sweet from beginning to end.

[ 9,675] This is the only drama without scheming, plotting, and over the top scripts.

[ 6,588] There are no memory losses due to car accidents, no opposition from parents, no scheming, no poison or cheating, and it was sweet throughout.

Because both of the story’s main characters are described as extremely good-looking, fans have placed much focus on Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s kissing scenes.

Yang Yang announced that will showcase many different types of kisses – “aggressive ones, sweet ones, and ones where we are shaking from eagerness” – and promised fans they would not be disappointed.

Our city, Yang Yang, a couple and Zheng Shuang name impressively in the column, two people together again, will hope to knock the more sparks!